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Welcome! I'm so excited to finally bring y'all my online shop! I'm currently trying to update my shop, so please, stay tuned for the new upcoming products!


about hache

Hello dear friends!

I'm Hache and I am a self-taught digital artist from Spain. I love to create stickers, illustrations and of course, Stray Kids and Matcha latte. I think you can notice it

After a lot of messy art-making and (even messier) self-exploration, I graduated with a brand new perspective on life and decided to listen my friends and family, so finally shift my career towards creating art for others. I finally had the chance to open my very own art shop called "imhache". Although I'm still learning and improving as an artist.. I would describe my style as a combination of bright saturated colors with a prominent pink range.

Thank you for visiting my shop!If you have any questions, please contact me at: hache.that@gmail.com

ig dm: @imhache__

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hache.that@gmail.com | www.imhache.carrd.co